Katelyn Davis, Founder

Joe Carioti, Founder


You’ve climbed the mountain and started your own business. You have the product but the customers just aren’t there. What do you do?

By using cost-effective digital tools, you can easily and successfully market your products and your business without leaving your desk! Here at MELT we are happy to help you find your path to marketing success where you will develop a loyal following and increase sales.

Our customers have used the MELT’s platforms and services to grow exponentially from Day 1 and you can too!

If you are a small business owner, startup founder, author, or a service professional, then MELT’s resources and webinars are your key to success.

MELT’s webinars cover brand development, social media marketing and advertising, social selling, email marketing

We also offer services to help you manage your business’ online footprint so you can focus on the more important thing: your business!